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Company Profile


3H Solutions Group is an organization with diverse interests. Based out of Dubai, with a support office in Houston, Texas, USA. Satellite offices in Pakistan are currently being looked into.

The diverse interests include Trading and Logistics and Projects Division.  

The affiliations, strategic alliances and joint ventures already in place provide 3H Solutions Group with the necessary infrastructure to manage the extensive array of products and services in our portfolio.

The management team, between them, have over 60 years of experience encompassing the necessary competencies required to manage such an endeavor. Our diverse backgrounds allow us to approach our efforts from a broad spectrum of perspectives towards achievement of our organizational goals.

We are a Dunn & Bradstreet registered entity and are also an ISO certified company. We are also a “Trusted Partner” of DCCI (Dubai Chamber of Commerce).

Over the years we have provided support to Fortune 100 entities across the globe.

We strive to be an environmentally friendly & socially conscious entity that supports the community in which it is based. Since our inception, 3h solutions have strongly believed in giving back to the community & are considered a "Good Corporate Neighbor" by our beneficiaries.

Our products are as diverse as the people we serve. Explore the Potential, call us.