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Corporate Social Responsibility

3H Solutions Group is committed to making this world a better place. To this end, we involve ourselves in endeavors that support, aid, inculcate, extend and contribute towards the betterment of the world we live in.

We do this by:

  • Financially assisting organizations that provide the above mentioned services.
  • Sponsoring organizations involved in humanitarian efforts.
  • Mobilizing our internal resources to aid community projects.
  • Promoting community event sponsorship / participation
  • Volunteering time and coordinating efforts of supported organizations
  • Heightening awareness of these organizations via providing free links on our website.
  • Creating awareness of the myriad avenues available for interested souls.


We do not fund, support or aid the following:

  • Individuals.
  • Religious organizations.
  • Political groups.
  • Any organization that we believe may have a conflict of interest with 3H Solutions values
  • Any organization whose conduct is deemed by 3H Solutions to be inconsistent with our code of ethics.

We strive to be an environmentally friendly and socially conscious entity that supports the community in which it is based. Since our inception, 3H Solutions Group have strongly believed in giving back to the community and are considered a "Good Corporate Neighbor" by our beneficiaries. We offer internships to students and provide free training for entrepreneurs as well as college students to prepare them for the world of work. We are committed to raise the potential of our youth to a higher plane.

We welcome volunteers and look forward to working with anyone willing to lend a hand. There ARE more ways than simply putting some change into a charity receptacle. Contact us to learn more.